SISER "ALL-IN-ONE" HTV Sampler Pack!

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If you've ever wondered about all the different types of HTV we carry at Sweet Home Vinyl, you will definitely appreciate our NEW Siser "ALL-IN-ONE" HTV Pack! It includes one of every type of Siser HTV in our store!

The ALL-IN-ONE Pack includes 1 SHEET (12x15" or 12x20") of each of these HTV materials:

  • Easyweed Regular
  • Easyweed Regular Matte
  • Easyweed Regular Fluorescent
  • Easyweed Regular Stretch
  • Easyweed Regular Extra (for Nylon)
  • Easyweed Regular Electric
  • Holographic
  • Glitter
  • Twinkle Glitter
  • Sparkle Glitter
  • StripFlock Pro
  • EasyReflective
  • Blackboard
  • PRINTED Colorprint Easy

Color selection is random & will vary among Packs. Colors cannot be substituted.