We are SO excited about our NEWEST partnership with a homegrown Texas company--GLITTER CHIMP! Michael and the rest of their team run their business with integrity and a commitment to their retail customers and wholesale partners, while turning out the MOST AMAZING (and possibly largest) collection of glitter! 



Although there are close to 1,000 glitter colors available from Glitter Chimp, we will be carrying a smaller inventory in our store. Glitter Chimp colors are very often sold out, not just for their online customers but also for their retail partners. We will NOT be maintaining a regular inventory of certain colors; we will be offering whatever colors and types of glitter are restocked each week by Glitter Chimp. We will post a Weekly Restock Update online once or twice a week of which colors to expect in-store. This will allow everyone to "collect" a variety and range of different glitters! 


ALL GLITTER IS SOLD IN-STORE! Because we won't be offering a regular unchanging selection, it makes more sense to have them in-store for you to see in person. Glitter colors can also look very different on our phone screens and computer monitors, so it makes even more sense to shop in person. You can call the store and ask to order & pay for your glitter by phone; we will NOT read a list over the phone of what is available so please have your "wishlist" or questions ready to read to us. You can always refer to our WEEKLY RESTOCK LIST available online to see what's been delivered each week! The list of available colors is for your information only--no orders can be placed online. In-store & phone purchases begin on FRI, MARCH 6 at NOON. No pre-orders before then. We reserve the right to limit quantities. 

TL;DR--No online orders! Quantities may be limited.


Glitter orders placed by phone AND total $50 or more can be shipped for a flat rate of $14.50. This can be a combination of Glitter and other items in our store. Unfortunately it is not financially feasible for us to ship very small orders of glitter. If you only need a small amount of glitter, we recommend ordering directly from the company online. 


Per our Dealer Agreement with Glitter Chimp, we will sell ALL Glitter items at the prices set by them. ALL approved dealers must sell at these prices at all times. Therefore, we are NOT able to offer any discounts or sales at all. Current prices are available on our Weekly Restock Update page.


If there is a color you have been waiting for or one you need in particular, you can add it to our store "WISHLIST" at the Checkout Counter. You can also call to request a color be added to the list. Emailing or messaging us WILL NOT add your request to our list, so be sure to stop by or call instead. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to get the color(s) you're looking for, but we will check the restocked items weekly and let you know!