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1. We will NOT print copyrighted or trademarked images or names/titles/phrases because we are not allowed to. Many images found online are protected by law & we cannot reproduce them.

2. If the design or photo was not created by you, then you must show proof of ownership or permission to reproduce the image. If the image is owned by someone else, you must provide written permission for us to print it. We have an Authorization form for you to give to the designer/ photographer/owner to fill out and sign.

3.Your image must be sent as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. Our large-format, eco-solvent printer cannot read other file types. In addition, other file types besides PDF tend to be distorted or resized when emailed to us. **Large format Sublimation prints (12x17" & 12x24") MUST BE LANDSCAPE FORMAT PDF FILES!**

5. Recommended image dimensions:

  • Can be up to 12" width & 24" height for for sublimation.
  • Minimum Recommended Resolution: 300 dpi
  • You can send us a single image to print (up to 8.5x11”, 12x12”, 12x17" or 12x24") OR several images in a single file, formatted onto a single page up to 8.5x11”, 12x12”, 12x17" or 12x24".

6. Your image must be print-ready. This means that it has been edited/cleaned up/resized & in PDF format when emailed to us. We don’t do any editing or resizing on our end; our printer software only opens & converts the file using a RIP (Raster Image Processor) program to prepare for printing.

7. Note our printing days so you will know when your order will be ready! All designs are custom printed on demand & there is a minimum 24-hour turnaround time to allow for sufficient printing and drying time. Prints are generally ready the next day after print days. Printing days subject to change due to store closures, special store hours or equipment management.**

8. Print Type: Sublimation Paper (printed on Epson DS Transfer Multi Use paper)

9. Print Sizes Available & Pricing:
  • Sublimation sizes: 8.5x11” ($4.50); 12x17" ($8); 12x24" ($12)

10. Custom Setup Fee: $2 per file

11. PDF Conversion / Formatting Fee: $10 per file (for files that are NOT in PDF format OR have not been formatted for printing)


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