HTV "VINYL" FOUR Game Results & Winners!

Today's "games" were tough ones--they're all great Siser HTV colors! Thanks to everyone who voted today-- 106 votes were cast this afternoon.


GAME 1: Electric Peacock vs. Easyweed Regular Tiffany Blue -- TIFFANY BLUE WINS! (22 to 20)

GAME 2: Pink Roses Printed HTV vs. Glitter Mermaid Blue -- MERMAID BLUE WINS! (42 to 20)

Clearly our customers LOVE their Blue HTV colors!


GAME 1: Tiffany Walters

GAME 2: Mary Lou Mireles

Congrats to our VINYL FOUR Winners today! You get your choice of Fiesta Printed HTV 12x12" sheet, available the next time you're at our store. 

Thanks to everyone for playing every day! Tomorrow we'll be playing for a Tournament Winner and our Grand Prize drawing for "Lunch with Joe" next week!