Introducing Custom SUBLIMATION Prints!

We kicked off our NEW "Sublimation with Siser" Class this past weekend & had a great time exploring the various ways to sublimate using Siser HTV!

Sawgrass SG400 & Siser EasySubli

Starting this week, we are now offering custom sublimation prints in-store! Just like with our current printed HTV & Adhesive sheets, we will be printing YOUR designs with high-quality inks made to last a long time after heat pressing. We use a Sawgrass SG400 Sublimation Printer in-house with Texprint R sublimation paper or Siser EasySubli Vinyl.

What makes a good sublimation design? Designs that are filled with lots of colors & patterns that would be time-consuming or nearly impossible to create using HTV. There are many resources to purchase sublimation-ready designs online OR you can create your own!

And just like our other prints, there are *some* exceptions to what we can print for you-- we CAN'T print any design that contains licensed or protected images and will require proof of purchase or written permission from the designer for any particular design.


8.5 x 11" Print (actual design area 7.5 x 10") on TexPrint R Sublimation Paper = $3.50 

     *Great for direct sublimation onto polyester substrate or Siser White Glitter HTV*

8.5 x 11" Print (actual design area 7.5 x 10") on Siser EasySubli Vinyl = $5 

     **Recommend EasySubli designs be sent as Print & Cut/ Print-Then-Cut PDF files sized 8.5 x 11"**

Custom Design Fee (one-time fee per design) = $2


1) Email to Tell us the NUMBER of prints needed & the actual size of your image.

2) Send your image as a high quality PDF or JPEG file sized up to 8.5 x 11". What you send is what will print-- we DO NOT do any design editing or adjustments! If you need some design clean-up or editing, we can put you in touch with digital designers who can help you fine tune your image.

3) Expect a 2-3 day turnaround for prints. If we have to send back your file for further changes, it can delay printing.


We are also adding NEW Sublimation Blanks this month! Currently we have Mouse Pads & Polyurethane Foam Can Koozies in stock, with more to come. Coming soon--100% polyester t-shirts that DON'T feel like polyester!

Polyester Sublimation Blanks


We look forward to printing Sublimation prints for you!