Sneak In LEARNING with FUN DIY Crafts!

Kids are absolute naturals when it comes to creating! They don't stop to think about it--they just create. Unlike we grown-ups, they don't worry about whether or not it looks good enough or if someone else will like it; they simply create for the sheer joy of it!

While all of our kiddos are home right now during COVID-19 quarantine days, there is ample time and opportunity for them to do even more creating in the form of DIY crafts.  As an educator, I really love giving children open-ended projects. Providing materials and supplies but fewer directions often results in some amazing results. My students surprise me every single time! 

At the same time, learning and development happen even while they're busy having a blast. For each of the DIY Craft Kits we've assembled in the past few weeks, kids have the opportunity to stretch creative muscles as well as learn or practice important skills. 



  • Develops fine motor skills (hands, wrists, fingers)
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Develops self-confidence

with Sublimation Apron Kit:
  • Strengthens hand muscles
  • Develops visual motor skills 
  • Teaches focus & concentration

    with Glitter Chimp + Slime Kit:
    • Improves dexterity by squishing, squeezing, pulling, etc.  
    • Develops understanding of 3-dimensional shapes
    • Tactile experience of size, weight, texture, etc.
    As you can see, the learning never stops and fun can be endless in the world of a child!