(UN)PRIME DAYS SALE! Are You Ready for This?!

We’re super excited about our 1st ever (UN)PRIME DAYS SALE, happening July 15-17. Because why should all the online & big box retailers have all the fun?! 

To get y’all ready for the sale, here are some pro tips to get the most from this once-a-year event:

1. Check out your current stash—which vinyl colors or types do you need to fill in the blanks?

2. Think about what you use the most & add them to your shopping list now—you’ll be glad you did several weeks from now when you’re crafting at 3 am!

3. Check out our website (https://www.sweethomevinyl.com/) to discover vinyl you haven’t tried before! Never tried patterned designs? Or Flock HTV? How about Chrome adhesive? Try something new at a great price.

4. Make a list of future projects you have planned & what supplies you’ll need for them. NOW is a great time to save on Back to School, Fall Holidays & Football season crafts to name a few!

Can’t wait to see y’all next week at our sale!